DIY Homemade Anti Aging Eye Cream

Make this 100% natural anti aging eye cream that takes care of dark circles under your eyes and also helps to reduce wrinkles. All you need is some organic coconut oil and some Vitamin E capsules.


What you will need:

1/2 cup Organic coconut oil. (Coconut Oil acts as a moisturizer, antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient and antioxidant.)

6-8 Vitamin E capsules (Vitamin E Oil is a strong antioxidant that prevents premature aging and promotes healing.)

Pin to poke holes in Vitamin E capsules

Small microwavable bowl for microwaving or small sauce pan for melting on stove top

Small container (to store cream in)

Optional: Essential Oil– it helps rejuvenate skin and can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Instructions to make:

Put the coconut oil into a small bowl and microwave for 15 seconds or heat in a small saucepan over low heat for a few minutes until melted into liquid form.

Pour the liquefied oil into your container.

Poke holes into your Vitamin E capsules and squeeze vitamin liquid into your oil while stirring. (Optional: Add 10 drops of Essential Oil.)

Place the filled containers in the refrigerator for less than an hour until the liquid returns to solid form. After it turns to a solid, there is no need to keep it refrigerated. The oils will not become rancid.

Instructions to use:

At night, dab a small amount of this best anti aging eye cream ever under your eyes and be prepared to look younger, brighter and extra tropical in the morning.

You can use a bit in the morning too.

Just give it 10 minutes or so to soak into your skin before applying makeup.

This cream can also be used as an eye-makeup remover.


Note: If you are allergic to coconut oil, coconuts or vitamin E, do not use.

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