Contact lenses enhance sports performance in many ways, such as providing a wider field of view than eyeglasses.

Here’s a comparison chart to help you decide which vision option is best for you.

(Many people choose both!)

 Eye glasses: The distance between your eye and the lens sometimes creates distortion.

Contact Lens: Worn right on the eye, for more natural vision.


Eye glasses:  Poor peripheral (side) vision.

Contact Lens: Your entire field of view is in focus. This is especially important in sports and in driving, where you need to see as much around you as possible.


Eye glasses:  Constant awareness of frame and lens edge, as well as reflections off the backside of the lens.

Contact Lens: With contacts, no annoying obstructions or reflections are in view.


Eye glasses:  Uncomfortable weight on your face and ears. Requires periodic need for tightening or other adjustments.        

Contact Lens: No weight and resulting discomfort. No frame constantly slipping down your nose.


Eye glasses:  Glasses fog up with changes in temperature.            

Contact Lens: Contacts don’t fog up.

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Eye glasses:  Glasses are a distraction during games and sports.

 Contact Lens:    No distractions, which makes contact lenses a favourite among athletes.

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Eye glasses:  Fashionable and inexpensive non-prescription sunglasses are not an option if you wear eyeglasses.        

Contact Lens: A whole wardrobe of fashionable, functional, affordable sunglasses is available to contact lens wearers.

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Eye glasses:  Glasses need to complement your outfit. For instance, casual frames may not suit evening attire or colours may clash.      

Contact Lens: Contacts match everything you wear.

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Eye glasses:  Eyeglasses are annoying to wear in rain or snow.    

Contact Lens: Contact lenses won’t collect precipitation and blur your vision.

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Eye glasses:  Glasses are an unnatural, distracting barrier between your eyes and the world.

Contact Lens: Contacts don’t detract from your natural appearance; they let people see your eyes.


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